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People have tried thousands of new ways to make their wedding proposal a unique one. Some worked and some didn't. Some were very simple and others took some serious help from the professionals but when Kishor came to us with hisrequest, we were happy to help.

We went ahead and created a Snapchat Filter for him. Kishore took Bhavna on a romantic date. They spent their whole day visiting places and taking pictures. Finally they ended up on the pre- planned spot on the beach. He asked a passer by to take their picture. After the photo was taken, Bhavna took the phone and as they had been doing the whole day, started swiping the Snapchat screen to find a suitable filter and "THERE IT WAS"


She looked at the filter and still not realising, giggled and went to say to Kishore, "Oh look someone made a filter for a girl with the same name as me" As she was finishing her lines, she turned to show it to Kishor and was shocked to see him kneeling with a ring in his hand.

She said, "YES" 

These filters are amazing.  What would you have them do for you?