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How about making this business your own? No Signup - No Joining Fee - No long Term Contracts & No Hidden Costs.

Simply promote, sell and make a profit from every sale.


We want to reach a maximum number of clients and to achieve this, we are simply offering you a chance to start a business with no cost. Simply put, You sell, we provide and we both make a profit.

Budding Entrepreneur

Anyone can start a business similar to this one but the setup costs can easily reach in excess of £5000 i.e. eCommerce website, domain name, and the production cost of all the templates. On top of that, you need to set up payments and delivery structure including having an access to full design department to personalise each template for each sale. 

or SIMPLY TAKE THIS ONE on and start making money without taking the headache.

Your Cost Calculator

PROFIT 20% Each Sale

What this business can do for you


Wedding Photography

If you are a Wedding Photography Service provider. This business is for you.

Wedding Videography

A Wedding Videography Company can achieve a huge mileage by joining us 


Bridal Makeup

This is a golden opportunity for you to let everyone know you are the amazing MUA behind this beautiful look of the bride.

What this business can do for you

  1. A cheapest and the most effective way of marketing your business.
  2. Reaching the people who are searching for your services*
  3. Having your business name stamped on these images permanently.

*Usually couple look at other couples wedding pictures to find new ideas and service providers. So, be there on those images and get the future clients making a beeline for you. Contact us to find out more...

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