Studio 13UK

Diamonds are created by nature but polished by experts.

Studio 13uk is headed by Amrit Basran who has over decades experience in the industry. He has introduced many talents in to this world of glamour and glits including Lucia Tasmin Khan, Murtaza Ali, Hina Taslim, Amir Khan, Channi Singh and  Wajahat Ali aka Rikky Lobo.

Meet the Team

Amrit Basran

Chairman & Founding Director

With over 25 years of industry experience, he started as an assistant commercial producer on a London wide multi language radio ‘Spectrum International‘. Within a year he was picked up by ‘TV Asia‘ to look after two of their local and most popular TV shows, ‘Bollywood Top 10‘ & ‘TVA & You‘ featuring their star presenter Asif Ghazali. The channel itself was owned and managed by Ajitabh Bachchan (younger brother of Bollywood Super Star Amitabh Bachchan), Faisal Sherjan and Javed Pasha. Here, his regular encounters with Amitbh Bachchan taught him the most important lesson of his media life, focus on the job at hand even while in the company of stars. 

This is where his route to becoming one of the most prolific creative Brit Asian began. He has a vast list of credits to his name as a creative director, producer and editor. His last role being the CEO of a film production company Genlock Films.

He has directed some of the top film & Television personalities including Bollywood Super star Shahrukh Khan (Don), Hollywood actor Art Malik (True Lies), British Actress Nina Wadia(Goodness Gracious Me) British actor John Altman(Eastenders) and many more.

He is a visionary. He started his first internet TV in 2005 when most of the people in the UK were just discovering what internet could do. Unfortunately no investor in his circle could see what he was seeing and he missed out on a chance of his channel being the Youtube of today. He sees the new technologies playing an absolute part in the delivery of tomorrow’s entertainment and information and he is ready to position Studio13uk in the centre of this all.


  • Slumdog Millionaire
  • Bend It Like Beckham
  • Anita & Me
  • Mistress Of Spices
  • All In Good Time
  • It’s A Wonderful Afterlife
  • Bride & Prejudice
  • Hollywood Bollywood
  • Bollywood Queen
  • Mr Bhatti on Chutti
  • The Tormented
  • Weapon
  • & more…..

Stars Directed

  • Chak 89 Starring: Shahrukh Khan
  • NSPCC Starring: Art Malik
  • Wonderland Starring: John Altman
  • Organ Donation Starring: Nina Wadia
  • Forced Marriages Starring: Meera Syal
  • NSPCC Starring: Shekhar Kapoor
  • Organ Donation Starring: Mina Anwar
  • NSPCC Starring: Kabir Bedi
  • ICICI Bank Starring: Bijal
  • Cakebox Starring: Sophia
  • FMU-Home office Starring: Kajal
  • London Fire Dept Starring: Ivita
  • Careers Advice Starring: Imran

Brand Commercials

  • ICIC Bank (35mm)
  • Cakebox (Red Dragon)
  • Champion (35MM)
  • Panasonic (Arri Alexa)
  • Chack 89 (Movie Tube)
  • DEFRA (Red One)
  • NSPCC (Movie Tube)
  • Organ Donation (Movie Tube)
  • Careers Advice (Digi Beta)
  • Forced Marriage Unite (HDV)
  • Curry Special (35MM)
  • RNIB (Beta SP)
  • & more… 

TV Shows

  • Upbeat (Zee Music)
  • Sorted (Zee Music)
  • Chaat Masala (Zee TV)
  • R4TF (B4U)
  • Money Spinners (Star)
  • Mini Docs (Star)
  • Dil Se (Zee TV)
  • Prime Charts (Prime TV)
  • MFG (Asianet TV)
  • Mutz Cutz (Zee Music)
  • Zee Companion (Zee TV)
  • Zing Jukebox (Zing TV)
  • & more…

Amber Joseph

Founding Director / MD Gencast

Amber Joseph is an Actress, Producer and Motivational Speaker.
She has worked in the corporate marketing, leisure & hospitality and hotel management for over 10 years.

She qualified in Film and Drama Studies in the Central Sussex College and continued pursuing her passion for acting and dance by training at the  Shamak Davar Dance Academy which is founded by Bollywood Choreographer Shamak Davar himself.

She started her Modelling career after winning Miss England Beautiful,
UK Dazzling Beauty, Miss Pearl of Asia and many more prestigious beauty pageants. She was also the Best Asian Model Winner and has been awarded for her contribution to the media industry. Since she has successfully completed many projects in modelling, music videos, commercial and short movies.

She is also a Motivational Speaker and manages her own motivational page “Magic In You” which has a great fan following. She believes in spreading the Positivity in the world.

Her most recent work as an Actress and Producer includes the productions for a web channel ‘Fniktv‘ where she has produced the Comedy Sketches called Pendu Pickle and Web Series Called Love, Life and Lies. Currently she is developing a slate of films while taking responsibility of managing a casting agency, Gencat.