Made for the Aspiring Filmmaker

This is an intensive, comprehensive hands-on film making course in West London where the aesthetics of cinema are explained in less in theory and more in practice.
Participants will learn the narrative film form and the collaborative nature of its creation by participating in its production process.

Screening and analysis of classic masterpieces will give a sense of the power of this medium.
A team of experienced mentors and other film industry professionals from various areas of expertise will instruct and guide the participants through all major stages of professional film making, from History of Cinema, Screenwriting, Direction, Production, Cinematography to Video Editing on FCP.
During the film making course a short film will be developed and produced by the participants. This will give you a practical experience of the entire film making process.

This Workshop is suitable for:
  • Passionate individuals who want to learn to make movies.
  • Students who are considering films as a vocational pursuit.
  • Film industry/Media professionals working in any department.
  • Aspiring Youtube/online video content creators.
  • Educators/Trainers (to make films as a tool for training)

We are currently running two modules for Filmmaking:

  • 9-day Filmmaking Course Theory & Practicals + 5-7 minute Short Film
  • 16-day Filmmaking Course Theory & Practicals + Extra sessions on Direction + 2 Exercise Films + 5-7 minute Short Film


Origins of Cinema:
  • What is Cinema?
  • Why do we watch Films?
Pioneers in the field of Cinema:
  • Lumiere Brothers, 
  • Georges Melies, 
  • D. W. Griffith, 
  • Sergei Eisenstein, 
  • et al 
Film Language: 
Key Concepts
Semiotics in Cinema, 
Signs and Symbols 

Screenings of films by

Norman McLaren,

Charles & Ray Eames,

Maya Deren,

Et al. Samsara,


Major Movements in Cinema Hollywood Continuity, Soviet Montage, Italian neo-realism, French New Wave/ Nouvelle Vague, German Expressionism Film Screening : Battleship Potemkin (or other relevant film).

Forms in Cinema:

Documentary, Dominant Mainstream, Hollywood studio system, Film noir, et al.

Introduction to the film theories:

Sergei Eisenstein, Andre Bazin , auteur theory. Film Screening: Roman Holiday, Citizen Kane, Breathless, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (or other relevant Film)