Studio 13UK is proud to announce a new initiative “Gateway2Bollywood’.

You know that if you wish to carve a serious position in that industry, you need to be in Mumbai but what if you cant do that right now?   

It is ok. We have the solution, 


Dreams of Bollywood:

Over the decades, countless aspiring actors, singer, dancers and other talented people have dreamt of carving their own place in the world’s largest movie and TV industry, Bollywood but for many reasons, their dreams have remained just dreams.

Travelling to Mumbai, finding a place to live, not knowing where to start and struggling for months and so on has been too daunting. 

What you need is someone, who can help you do all the legwork for you and that is exactly what we are going to offer.

Be a star that you want to be

Our initiative GatewayToBollywood offers you that much needed help. We will source your dream roles while you get on with your life in the UK. 

So what are you waiting for? Let us help you realise your dreams. Let us help you break into Bollywood. 

Who is it for:

Bollywood is a huge industry producing a vast number of films, TV shows and series as well as web content. In fact Netflix and Amazon consider India as one of the most lucrative market for their content. Currently a large number of series are being commissioned, creating hundreds of thousands  of new roles.

Although most of the content is produced in Hindi but people of all genders, races and backgrounds work there. English is also another language that is on the constant rise.

So if you are an actor, singer, dancer, or a behind the scenes technician, you can be the one they need.

How does it work:​

Our process is simple but stringent. We want to ensure that we only focus on those who are taking their dreams seriously. In other words, you must have what it takes to be successful. 

The process is as follows:

Application (Free)

Apply today by sending us your info, headshots and show reel etc via a form at the bottom of this page.

*Please only send professionally produced pictures and showreel.

Once we have received your proper registration form, You will be short listed for an assessment. Passing that, your files will be forwarded to our India office and you will be informed of your progress.

We find you work

Our India team will go out and meet the producers and directors while you continue with your life here in the UK.

We manage your audition

Once you have been picked by a production, we will arrange an audition for you which we will aim to conduct in our UK office.

You get a confirmation

Once you are selected, we will manage the fee negotiations and contract. If you are happy with everything, you take the job and make your mark.

What else can we help you with

If you get your dream role and you need to travel to India, we can help you there too. These things can be discussed at a later stage too but we just wanted you to know that help is at hand should you need it:

  • Pick up from the airport*
  • Find a suitable room or apartment for hire in the right location*
  • Provide initial transport help if needed*
  • Legal paper work for visa etc*
  • Other help*

*Please note that these services are chargeable 


By registering with us you agree and allow Studio13uk to act as your managing company. You also agree to pay a 20% agency fee out of your payments that you receive from your work. Please ask for terms and conditions

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