We are so excited

The team at Studio13uk is very excited as we are coming closer to launching another exciting project. We are working hard day and night because we have a long list of projects to launch. Below is a small list for you to see. We are glad to have you visiting our website and we are looking forward to seeing you becoming part of this amazing story.

Fnik Radio

A radio station crossing all the man made borders to reach you anywhere and everywhere on this planet. As long as you internet access, you have Fnik Radio. 

Join us any hour of the day or night to listen to your favourite RJs and broadcaster. Our programming schedule includes the best of entertainment, news, topical debates and much more. Take part in live phone ins from anywhere in the world. Make use of the technology averrable, put your views on Fnik Radio and let the whole world hear your opinion.

Social Voodoo

It has been a very long time since the media marketing started. Big businesses have always had the bigger share of the pie because they could afford big budgets to market their business and win customers.

Studio13UK has seen the small business people struggling with the decision of retaining the hard earned money for further investment into buying more products or spending it on marketing. So we decided to make full use of the Social Media craze and make marketing packages specially tailored for SMEs. If you are a small business owner, now it is your chance to reach you clients before anyone else gets the.

Click Me Diva

Social media has become our second life. Every individual goes through hundreds of images every day. These can be the images can be of anything, birds, building or humans.

Although the selfies are a great way to keep yourself present on the net but is it really? Would you not rather have a your images looking a million dollar? This is why a large number of people like to get their images taken by professionals. We see a huge financial opening here. So we have decided to start a network of photography studios across the country. Let us know once you are ready. We will find provide a great photography service where ever you are. 

Key 2 Success

Be it the first word a baby utters or a major degree in education, everything in life begins with a little training. In the recent years we have seen a major shortage of skilled labour across the globe. Studio13UK recognises this as a major opportunity to create value for our shareholders. We are building a network of skills training providers under one roof.

As our investor you will be glad to know that our training services will soon be available in every city in England.


England is the favourite destination for film and Television producers. This creates a huge demand for extras on daily bases. 

Thousands of extras and walk ons work and create commission opportunities for agencies. Gencast is a platform to find these jobs for extras not only in the UK but where ever our network reaches.