Precious -2009

Precious -2009

Screenwriter(s): Geoffrey Fletcher

Sexual Abuse Confessed to a Social Worker – “Who Was Gonna Love Me?”

Social Worker Mrs. Weiss (Mariah Carey) asked to be informed about details of the “actual act of physical and sexual abuse” that 16 year-old obese daughter Precious (Gabourey Sidibe) had experienced in the household from her dysfunctional and abusive mother Mary Lee Johnston (Mo’Nique). The mother was asked: “when it first began, where it happened, and how did you respond?” The pathologically damaged, inner-city dwelling Mary delivered a heart-breaking dialogue about how she had let her husband Carl emotionally, physically, and sexually abuse Precious since she was three years old, and how she had become jealous over Precious taking away her man:


Precious was a little girl…She was three, and I had been givin’ her the bottle. And I was givin’ Carl the tittie because my milk hadn’t dried up in my breasts. But not from her, but because Carl was – because Carl was suckin’ on that, and that’s what kept my milk in my breasts. And I thought that was for hygiene. I did what my momma told me that I was supposed to do with my child, so that’s what I did. And you’re sittin’ up there, and you’re tryin’ to judge me…But Ms. Weiss, I don’t like you lookin’ at me like that. You got this bitch lookin’ at me like I’m some kind of a f–kin’ monster…I didn’t want her suckin’ behind him, because that was nasty, and the things that he was…it was just nasty, Ms. Weiss.

I-I, I had a man and I have a child. And I had to take care of both of them. Okay? Did I want Carl to touch my baby? Because I would lay my baby, I would lay her on the side of me on this pillow. And it was pink and it had this little white writin’ on it and it had her name, ’cause she was Precious. And I would lay my baby on that pillow. And Carl would be laying on the other side. And then we would, we would, uh, start doing it and he reached over and he touched my baby. And I asked him, I said, Carl what are you doin’? And he told me to shut, to shut my fat ass up and it was good for her…. I shut my fat ass up.

And I don’t want you to sit there and judge me, Ms. Weiss…(hysterically) I did not want him to abuse my daughter. I did not want him to hurt her. I did not want him to do nothin’ to her. I wanted him to make love to me. That was my man. That was my f–kin’ man. That was my man and he wanted my daughter. And that’s why I hated her because it was my man who was supposed to be lovin’ me, who was supposed to be makin’ love to me, he was f–kin’ my baby. And she made him leave, she made him go away…. It was Precious’ fault because she let my man have her and she didn’t say nothin’. She didn’t scream, she didn’t do nothin’.

So those things that she told you I did to her, who, who, who else was gonna love me? Hmm? Since you got your degree and you know every f–kin’ thing, who was gonna love me? Who, who was gonna make me feel good? Who was gonna touch me and make me feel good like that? And she made him go away. So, when you sit there and you write them f–kin’ notes on your pad about who you think I am and why I did it and all of that… Because I’m in hell.