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Commercial productions

21st Century Icon Awards. A Genlock Films production. Concept and direction by Amrit Basran. 

Starring: Tarun, Preeti, Sheena, Nikita, Ranjit, Rohana, Laurent, Tara, Alice, Dhruv, Tanya, Shiry, Dominic, Elizabeth & Piers

Hindi web series produced in London featuring entire cast from the UK. We plan to produce many films and web series here so that we can provide a constant stream of opportunities to our local

This is one of the most successful commercials for Cakebox. Client originally got it done to run a 6 month campaign but it proved so successful that Cakebox has not looked back to make a new advert for more than 4 years. It was produced by Genlock Films directed by Amrit Basran and the marketing agency is  Carrot London.

Amrit Basran has edited numerous pop videos from the original soundtracks and footage, for feature films including Slumdog Millionaire and Bend It Like Beckham. This video is for movie All In Good Time, marketing agency is Media Moguls.