Winning the game is not difficult

Any game can be won because your competitors are also humans just like you. Only difference is these 5 points below: Attitude to win Level of you skills Knowledge of the field A solid game plan

This one day taster workshop looks at acting career from a very logical perspective. If you are starting out as an actor, you are actually starting a new business. So first thing you do is to learn the tricks of the trade to make it a success. Sound crazy? Here is one analyses for you:

    Star Analyses

    You are 1 in 7.5 Billion.

    • World population – 7.5 Billion
    • Possible talented actors: Millions
    • Possible Film Stars: Max 500
    Raise yourself to be 1 of those 500

    It is not just a dream. It can be your reality because one day, each of these 500 mega stars were just like you. They were also wondering where to start.

    Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses and acknowledging them is the first step to success. Just like any business, your demand will be as great as the standard of your product and to show your product, you must reach your customers. 

    These big stars understood it and applied the knowledge. Now I am going to tech you this so that you can apply and be a star.


    Taster Acting Training Workshop

    It is a fun to learn, informative and engaging workshop, aimed to provide you more than just basic understanding of acting. The workshop will solely concentrate on acting part of filmmaking.  

    Introduction to:

    Event Details:

    Genlock Films Studios, Rays House, North Circular Road, London NW10 7XP

    Find answers to:

    • What is acting?
    • Why some make it so big while the others struggle their whole life?
    • How to get ahead of the others? 
    • How to grab an opportunity?
    • How to sustain the position?
    • How to approach the script?
    • How to understand the character?
    • What make a better actor?
    • How to become a preferred actor?
    • How to spot own weaknesses?
    • How to improve own skills?
    • How to evoke emotions easily?
    • How to have an unmissable presence?
    • How to boost own confidence?
    • How to improve concentration?
    • How to nail the scene?

    There are countless questions and there are countless answers. Are you ready to learn the right ones?

    Acting For Screen -The Understanding

    A 4 days Course

    This course will unfold amazing knowledge, practices & tricks that have been used over the centuries by well known personalities ranging from Actors, Politicians and other public speakers. These practices helped them strengthen their performances and create a strong and everlasting impact on public.

    These workshops aim to equip you with the deep knowledge as well as simple day to day practices that can refine your craft, expand your understanding of performance and build your confidence. Find Out More about this Workshop.

    Acting For Screen - Magic Of Delivery

    Acting For Screen – Magic Of Delivery: A 6 days Course

    Acting for screen – Magic of delivery workshops are a comprehensive package that is specifically tailored for actors who understand the techniques and want to push themselves into the deep end. This package is designed in association with FnikTV to put actors on the spot to increase their ability to perform of the cuff.

    Our workshops involve intensive screen tests, professional training, practical exercises, revealing Mental locks that boost your confidence, regular homework and self-tape advice. All the footage will be shot on high-grade, industry standard equipment with each participant receiving extensive on-screen time.

    Find out more about this workshop.