Why I need Headshots

What do you notice first when you are browsing the movie section of let’s say Netflix?

Movie Posters.

So basically, you brows through the #Posters before you see anything else. In order for you to buy, download or view it, a movie must have an intriguing poster. You must agree with me that sometimes a good poster will make us watch a movie that has no star cast.

Your headshots are your posters.So make your poster count. Get professional #headshots done. Don’t just hire someone to click a shot. Speak to someone who will direct you to achieve a headshot that will attract creative and casting directors.

Always remember that when a casting agency sends the images of actors to a casting director, they put some 15 to 20 actors on one sheet. This means that you are one of those 15 to 20. Also there might be many more sheets making you one of many.

So your headshot needs to compete before you you even get to an audition.

You get one shot at that. Make it count. Get professional headshots done with a director.